*Welcome to Seattle. The year is 2057, the “Year of the Dragon”, as it’s called, and in the middle of the freezing month of February. Ever since last year’s election was found to be rigged a little over a month ago –in conjunction with the Bug City fiasco last January—the country has been in a mode of political outrage. Whether that matters or not to you isn’t my problem. My problem is finding good people to fix problems.

You can call me Max. Max Seraph. I’m a rigger with some good line-ups on Running gigs, and I need solid people to Run them for me. I can promise nothing on a job, save what the clients have told me, but trust me; they’re well worth it. I have the contacts and equipment you’ll need, but don’t expect me to come swooping in –trumpets blaring and all that superfluous bullshit—to save your asses. I hired you for your skills, not another meat-shield I can get from the Barrens for dirt cheap. I don’t care if you’re a Corp heir high-flying it or a Brawler scraping by — just get my job done, and everyone goes home happy… and a little richer, of course.

Now, getting back to the matter at hand, there are a few things I want to remind you. Being as Seattle is mostly Yakuza controlled at this point, you’re not going to find much help from the cops or Security Forces nowadays… unless, well, you are one or have some very trustworthy contacts. Ghouls tend to thrive in the Barrens, and the high-society is still kicking it in Bellevue. You’ll be running into both at some point, I’m sure. Other than that, I can’t give you much on your missions yet.

What I need from you is an update for my systems—the last recorded Runner stats I have for you were wiped out from a security protocol responding to infiltrating Deckers. Give me everything you know, and I’ll put you in a good Run. Just remember; if you’re good on your Run, I’ll be your angel of profit and luck.

…And if you backstab me, trust me; you won’t live to regret it, in this life or the next.*

This is a Shadowrun 3.5 4.0 3.5 campaign, set in Seattle in February of 2057. Message me direct if you have any questions – I’ll have a character sheet up in a week or so.

Shadow's Deep